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"Drew Edsall's Dirt Devo: Drew Edsall is committed to helping develop riders
of all ages with a focus on getting kids on the trails riding, having fun, and improving"
"Experience where it counts the most.....on top of the podium winning races. On top of
winning National races himself, Coach Drew has helped athletes get on the podium over 100 times every year.
He knows the mental and physical needs to succeed, and applies that to every training program"
"Coach Drew Edsall is a successful professional mountain biker with over a decade of coaching cyclist, mountain bikers, and
triathletes. On top of being a top level Pro mountain biker, Drew has succeeded at winning in Xterra, Decathlon,
and National Ultra-Endurance racing. He will help you take your racing and training to the next level"

Cross Country Mountain Bike Programs

If you are looking to get faster at your cross country mountain bike racing, these programs will get you there.


Endurance Mtn Bike Training Programs

This section covers 100 mile mountain bike, 50 mile mtn bike, 6 hour solo, 12 hour solo, and Stage Racing. 


Road Bike Racing Training Programs

Road racing has a variety of tactics and racing needs involved. These coaching and training programs will help you prepare for your next event on the road as best as possible. 

  • Big thanks to Drew Edsall who was my coach for the past year and got me ready for the Leadville Trail 100. I was ready, I was strong, and I hit my goal. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

    Doug B. Mountain Biker

  • Training with Drew has been the best thing for my racing career. He has pushed me to limits that I didn't know that I could achieve

    Tim Zimmerman Georgia State and SERC Expert Champion

  • Training with Drew has been the single most beneficial thing for my race career.  I could not have progressed as fast without Drew's expert advice & coaching. His personalized plans are based around my busy schedule. I have been amazed at how much progress I have been able to achieve in my racing since I started training with Drew.

    Lauren Gregg Expert Mountain Bike Racer


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