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"Over a decade of coaching with 3 National Champs, 10 State Champions,
and 1 Collegiate Champion along with hundreds of podium finishes"
"Professional Cyclist for Kenda/Felt 2012, 2013 and The Pro's Closet/Stan's NoTubes 2014"
"Winner True Grit 50 2012, True Grit 100 2014, Syllamos Revenge 125k 2012, 2013,
and Top 5 Overall at TSE Epic Stage Race 2009-2014"
"Take your racing to another level!"
"After working with Coach Drew for 4 years, Jerry Dufour takes the win at the 2015 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA"
"Combines scientific research with his personal expertise to get you on the podium"

Cross Country Mountain Bike Programs

If you are looking to get faster at your cross country mountain bike racing, these programs will get you there.


Endurance Mtn Bike Training Programs

This section covers 100 mile mountain bike, 50 mile mtn bike, 6 hour solo, 12 hour solo, and Stage Racing. 


Road Bike Racing Training Programs

Road racing has a variety of tactics and racing needs involved. These coaching and training programs will help you prepare for your next event on the road as best as possible. 


Xterra / Triathlon Training Programs

Whether you are doing your first triathlon, or trying to take the podium at your next xterra, these training programs will help get you to that point.



Promoted Episode: Periodization

Ben and Drew catch up and give new listeners a little background about Drew. Drew then leads a very informative discussion about periodization. Listen in to find out what periodization is, different types, and how you can apply them to your training.

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Mountain Bike Radio Featured Episodes:

What is the best cadence for you? What is the best cadence for mountain biking? Listen in as Drew will get you going in the right direction....and fast!

Training with Powe:
Have you been thinking about getting started with power and weren't really sure where to start? What should you be looking for? Drew answers your questions and helps you get going.

3 Heart Rate Training:
Drew shares some great information that you need to know about training with heart rate.