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CyclecrossTPC TeamTrue GritDrew on trailJerry Dufour takes the winTake your racing to another level!
"Over a decade of coaching with 4 National Champs, 10 State Champions,
and 1 Collegiate Champion along with hundreds of podium finishes"
"Mountain Bike Coaching and Training Plans for the Athlete that wants to reach their highest potential"
"We train both the mental and physical side of the athlete
using scientific research and race proven methods of training"
"My goal is to get all my athletes continually improving and to their full potential"- Coach Drew Edsall"
"After working with Coach Drew for 4 years, Junior rider Jerry Dufour takes the win at the 2015 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA"
"We will teach you how to dig deeper, always be positive, and find new limits!"

Mountain Bike Coaching

Mountain Bike Coaching plans that will take you to your highest potential


Mountain Bike Training Plans

Pick and choose the plan that suites you based off your discipline, goals, and time you have to train. These plans range from 8-12 weeks long and start at $79.00


Power Training Plans (coming soon!)


Running Coaching Programs

Coming soon.....Roger Sutton joins forces to bring you the best of the best



  • Big thanks to Drew Edsall who was my coach for the past year and got me ready for the Leadville Trail 100. I was ready, I was strong, and I hit my goal. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

    Doug B. Mountain Biker

  • Training with Drew has been the best thing for my racing career. He has pushed me to limits that I didn't know that I could achieve

    Tim Zimmerman Georgia State and SERC Expert Champion

  • Training with Drew has been the single most beneficial thing for my race career.  I could not have progressed as fast without Drew's expert advice & coaching.

    Lauren Gregg Expert Mountain Bike Racer